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Welcome to the New Approaches to Cancer website

The news that you, or someone close to you, has cancer can be devastating.  Suddenly you are faced with a life threatening situation. You may feel bewildered & confused.  It can be a time when you would like to seek help, but knowing where to find it is not always easy.

New Approaches can provide support, helpful advice and information to begin to tackle the problem. Speaking to someone who has personal experience of cancer and understands how you feel can be reassuring. Knowing that you are not alone is important.

New Approaches to Cancer is an organisation that was started by a group of four colleagues, two doctors and two healers back in 1969. These innovators felt it was important to share with as many people as possible the positive experience of using ‘Gentle Therapies’; these, combined with supportive counselling, self help groups and dietary advice could make a real difference to people going through the experience of cancer. Today we are a national registered charity that provides a nationwide information service that is easily accessible and free to all.

All our services are free of charge, the Charity is set up to provide a wide range of information on experienced holistic practitioners & clinics nationwide and runs self help groups in Surrey, Sussex, and Middlesex. We organise talks and healthy living demonstrations, run regular classes in holistic therapy to support the cancer patient such as Relaxation and Visualisation Therapies, Yoga, Nutrition, Flower Remedies, Life-Coaching etc,. – And, in the spirit of prevention, invite local medical practitioners and nurses to attend as well as patient’s families and friends.


Online Donations
We can now accept credit and debit card donations online again.  Please see the Donations page or visit our Virgin Money Giving page

Support Groups

We run support groups in a range of locations including Woking and Brighton & Hove.
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News and Updates
Our latest newsletter is now available to read online or download
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New Approaches DVD Collection
This DVD contains three separate programmes (previously available on video) which we hope will be of interest and help
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The body and the mind are closely inter-related and both derive sustenance from food. Therefore, food has considerable impact on the character and destiny of the individual. As the food, so the mind; as the mind, so the thought; as the thought, so the act. All that is perceived by the senses constitutes 'food'. For the Sadhaka (spiritual aspirant), the intake must always be Sathwic, i.e., pure and moderate. The sounds, the sights, the impressions, the ideas, the lessons, the contacts - all must promote reverence, humility, balance, equanimity and simplicity. It is only the Sathwic 'food' that will keep the mind on an even keel, fully concentrated on the Atma on which one must contemplate in order to attain peace.
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