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Who We are
(from introductory booklet)

This page, and the six that follow it, have been taken from our introductory booklet which introduces New Approaches, the Holistic Approach and the 5 Step Approach to the Prevention and Control of Ill Health.

You can use the links at the bottom of the page to go through the topics and read them on screen or click on the printer icon for a "printer friendly page" that contains the whole booklet on one page.


New Approaches to Cancer is a registered charity providing an "umbrella" for a national network of hundreds of self-help groups, volunteers and holistic practitioners. Through them, and through a regular two-way contact with the world's leading specialists in holistic cancer care, we offer help and information to the public and to health professionals.

Our aim is to encourage a way of living which will lower the risks of cancer taking hold at all, and help those in whom it has surfaced. So whether you are well - or ill - a phone call to our office can help with the initial information, soothe fears, explain uncertainties and, most importantly, give confidence when it is most needed. We also put callers in touch with their local support groups and with specialist clinics here and abroad. We have a large reference library and can direct enquiries about our recommended reading materials, tapes, etc.

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Who we are
The holistic approach
What is cancer?
The first step
What you can eat
Feeding the spirit and the mind
5 step approach to prevention & control of ill health
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